10 Principles For Success That You Don’t Dare Live Without . . .



10 Principles For Success That You Don’t Dare Live Without . . .


God certainly set boundaries in place in order to help and protect us. The word ‘if’ is said multiple times over and over in the Bible. IThe word if is dependent on what is done. Think of it as you will be successful with your bank account IF you are trustworthy with the money you have. You will live a healthy lifestyle IF you eat clean and workout. You will opportunities come your way IF you are willing to step out. It’s a condition. It probably ruffles feathers to use IF and God in the same sentence because we think that God just does and is. I know I did! He sets up boundaries and his principles for our betterment. Once I learned these truths it rocked my world! I can do these things! It takes discipline and habit forming ways but they are simple to follow.


PRINCIPLE #1 FORGIVENESS This is the most important law. Forgiveness. This is a daily action that we must continue to grow in. It is imperative if we want to grow and move forward in your life. When we do not forgive we are acting out of bitterness. Which is just nasty behavior. Forgiveness breaks us from resenting people and the past and gives us the key to live in faith and have favor with God. Forgiveness brings life and freedom. No wonder it is part of the daily bread prayer

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your Kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in heaven
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins,
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom,
the power and the glory are yours.
Now and for ever.



One guarantee in life is that people will let us down and disappoint. Sometimes we have nothing to do with how we are treated. But we have everything to do with how we react and if we choose to forgive. Unforgiveness will rob you of creativity and open opportunities. Forgiveness is not about letting people off the hook and get away with what they did. It is for you, your freedom and the generations of blessings to come forward. Forgiveness is a choice, a daily choice.


✓ Those people who you have thought of while you were reading this are most likely the people you need to forgive.

✓ Don’t think of everyone and anyone. You will go nutso. But the ones that are evident, you must choose to forgive if you want to be free in every area of your life.

✓ Remember, this is letting yourself be free from unforgiveness holding you back. This is not accepting or justifying the other persons behavior.

✓ Here is a prayer for forgiving those who have hurt you.

Dear God,

Please forgive me for holding unforgiveness towards __________________. Thank you that You have forgiven me for my faults. And today, right now, I choose to forgive _________________________. I lay them down at the foot of your cross. You are the one who is to judge them and not myself. I want to be free and clear of any bitterness so that I may be clean and grow into who I am meant to be. Please help me to walk this out daily.


PRINCIPLE #2 Vision – You must have a vision for where you are going.

If people can’t see what God is doing,
they stumble all over themselves;
But when they attend to what he reveals,
they are most blessed.

Proverbs 29:18


Most people ‘wait’ on the Lord for Him to drop a duffel bag of money on their front step so that then they can do something significant for the kingdom of heaven. That just isn’t how He works. He is searching for those who are faithful, those who are diligent and ready to step up. God says that He will light your path. Do you know where you are going?

As I was talking with my then 7 year daughter, Destiny. She asked me what I thought she should be when she grows up. I responded by telling whatever she wants to be. And she said, “Yeah, but I want to be what you think I should be.” Although I love her loyalty to my opinion I wanted her to trust herself enough that she can make that decision. She already is who I want her to become. My daughter.

She wanted me to name things she could be. I said she would be a good teacher, dancer, stylist, singer, etc. She wanted me to narrow it down which one I thought would be the best for her to become. I wanted to reassure her that she has the freedom to choose what she wants and sees best. It was a mirror situation that I see that we do with God. We ask Him what we should do or become, where we should move and our every step and the truth is we are already are who he wants us to be. We were created. God wants us to be happy and choose what we want to do and that is what makes Him happy when we use our brain and make good decisions.

Imagine if you were buying a car and asked God what color you should get. He would probably say “Which color do you like?”

and you might say “I like the black one” and he might say “That’s a great choice, you should get the one you like” God is not going to be driving the car, you will. See how natural God is? He is real. When supernatural collides, it’s His super to our natural works.



✓ Write down your goals. Write down where you want to be in the future. Brad and I write down our 1, 3-5 and 10 year goals. They can be anything. Don’t hold yourself back if they seem silly. For some of you this might be uncomfortable but do it anyway. Don’t limit yourself or God!



Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Thought = Actions = Results. Different thoughts = Different Actions = Different Results. Are you still thinking the same old way? I promise you this. When you start to think about your life and situation differently you will act differently and have different results.

When daily thoughts of feeling inadequate and fear of never having enough and always failing were always on my mind, you could see that I wore those words that I spoke over myself. By replacing those thoughts with what my Creator has said over me, I am happy. Sounds cheesy. But when you catch yourself speaking death over your life, which we all do, replace those thoughts with words of life!

Thoughts of death

▪ “I can’t afford that’

▪ “I don’t have time”

▪ “I’ll never be able to do that”

▪ “I feel stuck”

▪ “It’s so hard to…”

▪ “Nothing ever works out the way I plan”

▪ “Everything always works out for _______”

Thoughts of Life

◆ “I am good enough”

◆ “I have something very special that the world needs”

◆   “I can figure out a way”

◆   “I can make time”

◆   “My needs are always met”

◆   “My worth is valued at who God sees me to be. Not my clothes, not my friends or my money”

◆   “I can do this”


When you begin to think differently, you will act differently. Your circumstances will change. But they can ONLY begin to change when you begin to change your thought patterns and habits.


✓ What can you be grateful for right now? Are you the bah-humbugger? No one else gets to choose for you. You get to choose. Isn’t that cool?!

✓ How can you change your thinking to serve you and not burden you?

PRINCIPLE #4 VALUE How valuable would you say you are as a person in your job/business? Could they replace you in a heartbeat? What determines your value is the amount of skill you have. Are you a highly trained brain surgeon? Are you a retail clerk? Which gets paid more? The  brain surgeon because they have to have MORE skill than a retail clerk. The only person who controls their skill is themselves. So the more skill you invest in yourself, the more the marketplace (people) will pay you.

Also think about this. When you walk into your job are you ready to work with a great attitude or are you strolling in with your phone finishing up checking those last few posts on facebook? Which would you say your employer sees as a better value of work ethic? How’s your attitude when you are at work? I got promoted at my last job because I didn’t get involved with complaining and gossiping. I was there to do my job and I did it with a cheerful attitude and great work ethic. And like I said, I was not the best. But I had that leadership factor that my boss was looking for when it came time to promote someone. I brought more value than the others employees. I am not bragging but that is the reason why I was promoted over others.


✓ How can you increase your skill at what you do right now?

✓ How can you adjust your attitude or work ethic to become the go to person when your boss is ready to promote someone?


PRINCIPLE #5 REAPING AND SOWING This one is my favorite and I would say 2nd most important! It’s a no brainer. What seeds are you planting? Think of seeds as thoughts, financial spending, time management, serving, speaking positively as what you are sowing. You will reap exactly what you have sown. If you waste your time doing dumb things, you will always feel like you never have enough. Same with money. If you keep doing the same damn thing and repeating bad choices hoping for a different outcome that is the definition of insane!

You already know if you need to mend relationships for a different outcome. You already know if you need to lose weight. You already know what is going on in your life that you need to make a change to get a different result. The question is are you ready to make that change for the outcome that you really want? I know this may be coming across as tough. But I mean it with love and encouragement to you. It starts with a decision to make that change.


✓ Take responsibility for where you are at. It is not until we take responsibilities for our actions can we change anything.

✓ Evaluate what things are coming into your life. Are you attracting abundance and more of great things or is one decision after the other making life harder?

PRINCIPLE  #6 DESIRE You bought this book for a reason. You are a person who wants to better your life! You have a God given desire to be the best you can be, right? The desires that you have reveal your destiny. You were designed for greatness and to succeed. But what happens through lifes ups and downs as it can groom us to believe we are meant to fail. I thought I was born a failure. The truth is everyone is born with gifts. It take discipline and persistence to bring them to the forefront. It is the people that don’t believe they are meant for anything special or worth enough to succeed. So the answer to that is change the way you think! Start thinking that you are successful. Start treating your relationships valuable and protect them. Quit believing that you are always going to be broke. Stop whining and complaining about everything and anyone. You will amaze yourself at the person you start becoming : )


✓ Start valuing the desires of your heart. Protect your dreams. The world needs you to step out into your calling. It’s going to be scary. You may lose a friend or two. But it will be worth it!

PRINCIPLE# 7 COACHABILITY It wasn’t until I was in the darkest place in my life that I became teachable. It was like an aha moment of ‘Holy crap! I have no clue what I’m doing. I need help!’ I began to learn from other people who were living the way I wanted to live. They had solid and loving relationships and were changing the world with the voice they had been given. Are you coachable? Are you willing to learn from other people who have figured things out better than you have? You will need to take off your pride and ego. I did. I had to if I wanted to get out of the mess we were in. Ego will sound like this ‘well, I don’t have that problem’ or ‘I can figure it out on my own’ or ‘what will my friends think of me’ Your ego will tell you to blame everything and anything. Your ego will disguise itself to keep you stuck. There is nothing that makes the enemy happier other than working against you in your life to see you stand still at what you are meant to do.


✓ Find someone who has what you want and where you want to be and ask them how they did that! Begin to learn from other people and do what they have done.


PRINCIPLE  # 8 Promotion Every successful person I have studied always said this,

“It’s never the circumstances that determine your success in life, but rather how you deal with the circumstances that determine your success in life”

When Brad and I were going through the worst time financially in our lives, dealing with creditors from business loans, both working full time day/nights and I was pregnant with our 4th child. This was the scariest time in my life. We were struggling to pay for our house, bills and support a growing family of 5. I knew I had 2 choices of how to deal with it. Be positive and hopeful or resent and crumble.  Most days I wasted to die under the covers and wish it would just all go away.  But the fighter in me was determined to make the best out of this blessing coming at a time that was completely not part of our plan.

How are you responding to the circumstances in your life? Are you dealing with them the best you can? I have a feeling you want to deal with them even better than you have been. This is for your benefit.

If you can be faithful with the little things, you will be made ruler over much.

I learned that I needed to prosper where I am planted. That means if you are a stay at home mom, prosper caring for your beautiful kids, have a great attitude doing the laundry and grocery shopping and cleaning again. If you are a corporate executive, be that person that people can be encouraged from just from the joy that is within you.

When we are faithful with where we have been planted, we will be given more. It’s God’s laws! If you feel like things are just not going the way you have wanted them to, it could be that you are going about it the wrong way. Don’t press and push things to happen. Be content an faithful and you will be given more. More time, more money, better relationships and more influence.


✓ Take one day at a time and do the best with what you have. Wherever you are there is always a way up. You will be promoted when you have mastered the art of gratitude with your current circumstances.

PRINCIPLE #9 FOCUS What you set your mind on daily you will get GOOD at. Do you want to get good at the things you are focusing on? Are you focused on things that suck and the things you are lacking? Or are you focused on abundance and gratefulness? Listen. You do not have to go around life skipping and barfing rainbows and picture perfect to be in a state of happiness and joy. Sometimes in my hardest days I have needed to reset my mind to think of all the great things in my life. It is a habit. I am re-training my mind and forcing it to think positively and not negatively. The more you do this the better you will become at it. It will become a skill. When I first started doing it, it was hard just like anything else. But it became easier the more I ‘practiced.’  When I would catch myself being in a crappy mood or my thoughts going in a downward spiral, I remembered that I have control over this and it was my choice to continue or to change it.

Focus on what you want to get good at. Whatever that looks like for you. A Better mother, a better employee, a more caring friend. Don’t beat your self up if you are realizing all the bad habits you have formed in your mind alone. People don’t know what they don’t know, right? So now after reading this about your thoughts become habits and thoughts control really how we act. For example, you will act differently if your thoughts are always telling you ‘there is never enough’. If you train your thoughts (EVEN when there doesn’t seem like enough) to think ‘I always have enough and all my needs are met’ You will act differently, promise.

Work towards progress, not perfection. We are all human with our faults. The goal is not to strive to be perfect, that’s how we drive ourselves insane. We will mess up and we will disappoint. The goal is to make small increments to a better self. Find the one thing that you can focus on that is positive instead of instantly focusing on the negative.


✓ Take a minute and think about what you focus on a daily basis. If someone were to go into your head and write down everything that you were thinking and focusing on, what would it look like? Would you feel happy about the results or disgusted by the garbage you have allowed in?

✓ Starting now, when you catch yourself thinking negative and focusing on things that will not make you better, change it. You only have the control over one thing and that IS YOU. You control your thoughts, reactions and choices.



When I first really started learning about idols and how powerful they are in our lives, I got really scared. There is a reason God says “Have no other idols before me’ I thought only crazy people had idols or other things they worshiped other than God. I knew back in Bible times their idols were little wooden statues. And I felt utterly disgusted with my self that I had built up a greedy, selfish and prideful idol of money. It was not because we had a ton of it which some of you may think that only rich people are greedy and idolize money. No, no. It was because we did not have a lot of it. I was fearful of providing for our family. I was scared to death of the future and how we would make it. I had anxiety over keeping our employees employed. Every day I would check the bank statements making sure we didn’t go over. I put our lack of finances in a higher place than I did my Omnipotent Heavenly Father. I still didn’t trust Him to provide. Which goes to show that it doesn’t matter how much you make. As much was we were making I still worried about money. It was a heart issue that He wanted to work out in me. God knew exactly where my fear was coming from and used that situation to do work in my life was where I learned to trust Him. Over the season of a drought in our finances, He always provided and we never went without. We didn’t eat salmon and filets, but we had food. We didn’t have designer clothes, but we had clothes. We lacked in nothing. He always took care of us and made a way when it seemed like there was no other way. He is so much smarter than me.


I had created a bigger place in my heart for fear, anxiety and worrying if we would have enough money. I was a professional worry wart. Those things were my idols and it made God very sad that I would place those things in a bigger part of my heart over Him.

I didn’t even realize what I was doing! I had put so much energy and passion into serving those disgusting and ultimately deathly ‘gods’. I was choosing who I was serving and it wasn’t God Himself.

What are you serving? Are you so focused on your body image that every thought and action is overtaking you? Are you so focused on meeting the ‘right’ one that you drive yourself crazy and everyone else around you? Are you so worried about other people opinions of you that you would rather be approved by people than by God? Are you so focused on your health and fear God will never heal you? Whatever we make bigger in our mind than Christ alone is an idol. This may be a hard issue to look at within your heart, but just know this. We have a loving, understanding and compassionate God. He knows what we do and what is inside our hearts. But that doesn’t stop Him from loving us completely and wholly.



✓ Repent – meaning do a complete 180 of the way your daily thoughts are.

✓ Here is a prayer to walk you through how to repent

Dear Father, I repent for________________. Please forgive me for making ___________________ bigger than you. Thank you for your love and understanding. Please help me to walk this out daily and make you my focus and priority.







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