12 INSTANT Tips To Get Motivated To Do Anything! What The Funk?

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12 INSTANT Tips To Get Motivated To Do Anything! What The Funk?


Being unmotivated is the worst. Feeling Lazy and unproductive are depressing! There is a difference between relaxing and lazy. Here are instant tips to get you back on track and outta that funk!

Even if you don’t manage to cover all 12 do what you can. Even doing one of these tips will help you!

1. Drink Water! sounds lamo but most headaches and fatigue come from not enough water. I have a col water bottle that is like an adult zippy cup. It’s fun to drink out of rather than a boring cup. I drink way more water with it!

2. Workout – this naturally causes you to have more energy and the endorphins you create will make you feel happy!

3. Get enough sleep – Don’t skimp on rest, Be kind to your body.

4. Don’t put 973 things on your to do list – You will feel more motivated when you can actually complete a few things rather than struggling to start the other 970 things you thought you could do.

5.Focus – Whatever you are doing at the present time give it your full focus. Then take a break. Do that for all of your major responsibilities to get the maximum result out of your efforts.

6. Reflect – Take a few minutes to reflect on how your day went. Were you satisfied? What would you want to change?

7. Read – I hated to read until I learned something that I loved. Whatever excited you, find a book to read more about it.

8. Research/Browse – Find pictures or quotes that make you happy and further whatever goal you are trying to reach.

9. Set goals – Think about where you want to be in the next year, 3 and five years ahead. This will kick your butt and you will want to start right away working towards those goals you set.

10.Be grateful – This is my favorite. Being grateful for the experiences, things and people that you do have in your life will displace those that you have not. Your mindset will shift into happy gear.

11. Pick one thing to organize/clean – If your space gets cluttered frequently, pick a small area like your bathroom or desk that you can clean up and sigh a relief.

12. Reward yo’self – No one can be all business all the time. Make sure you make time to enjoy your family, get a bottle of wine or a new workout top.

I’d love to hear which ones you are going to implement into your day to get motivated! Write your comments below.

Talk soon friend,



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