5 Life Lessons I learned from Running a Half Marathon.

I never thought I would run another half marathon. But I did. After finishing my first one, it felt like having a baby. I remember saying “I will never do that again!” After giving birth to my first born a week early and completely natural.

C o m p l e t e l y natural.

But I did. Have more babies and run another half. But the second time was different. My life has changed big time since I ran last. So my perspective was different. I wanted to share the things that I was thinking about while I was running. Last time I ran I had music pumping in my ear. But this time I wanted the quietness co I could hear my thoughts more clearer. And I’m glad I did!

Life Lesson 1.

Just Show Up. When I ran my last half, I trained, like a lot. I was so scared and nervous to actually die during the race that I knew I had to train and did the best I could to run miles and miles before the race. This time was w a y different. I wasn’t working full time like I was last time. I did not have much time to train at all. The most I did, if you can even consider it training  was climbing 4 flights of steps and then back down to my office in the mornings.

On the day of the race my dear friend, Laura, asked if I was nervous. I replied with”eh, I’m not nervous per say, I’m just gonna show up and see what I can do.” That may seem like a half-ass pursuit of the race, but I knew I was going to give it my best, never stop running and see how I do…

{keep reading to see my time}

Life Lesson 2.

It’s Your Race. There were a plethora of people to pass me. A Plethora! Sometimes it was discouraging. But what could I be sad about I was still running! As in life. It will look like people are ‘passing’ you. Going way faster than you and you’ll want to catch up but you can’t. Just keep running. Don’t stop. It was my race to finish, not by someone else’s pace. There will be people who have better jobs, better clothes, more experiences, a bigger house, a fitter body. But that’s them, not you. You do you. Be there best y  o  u can be. really. That’s true success! Chances are, you already know the things you could be better about, right? So do them. Don’t make excuses, just do them and measure your improvement against you. Not someone else. It’s funny. The people who I thought were leaving me in their dust with all the best running gear you could imagine I ended up passing a few of them because I never stopped running and they did. AND. People who I passes who did not look like they were in the best shape to be running, passed me at times. It’s all perspective.


Life Lesson 3.

It’s In Yo’ Head. Literally. What you think about will dictate who you become. I kept telling myself to keep running! no matter how slow it felt like I was going. Just keep running, Barb! If I would have been saying ‘you’ve already run like 8 miles, you can take a little break and walk for a few minutes’ or ‘your feet are killin’ you! just take it easy’ I probably would have caved and obeyed myself because it was what I was thinking about. What are you thinking about everyday? Are your thoughts getting you where you want to be? hmmm. That’s good advice and I need to listen to that too, because some of my thoughts are not at all centering me to be the best me.


Life Lesson 4.

It’ll Cost You. There’s always a cost to something great. No matter how big or small the sacrifice is, it’ll will cost you something. In this case it was pain in my joints, my feet hurt and my toenail was stabbing me. And for my really close friends they know that my toenail actually fell off a month after the race. So I guess consider yourself a really close friend now ! : ) Some of the best challenges in life have a cost to them. Are you willing to pay the price for what’s on the other side? Remember that the you are feeling like it’s too hard or you just can’t do it. Keep running. Don’t give up on yourself. You are destined for great things – and those great things have a cost. Trading something of less value for something of deeper value.


Life Lesson 5.

Celebrate The Victory! At the end of the race. It was time to celebrate with my best from high school, Laura. Her parents and new friends who ran with us. The feeling of celebrating after a grueling run was healing to my feet, my soul and my stomach ; ) I am a commuting full-time woman, wife and mom to 4. Life is infinitely busy. all.the.time. So for me, this was my rest. Running then celebrating! Take the time to celebrate the small wins in life and re-charge your spirit!


So. my time? Glad you asked. I shaved OFF 22 minutes from my last half marathon. That’s 13.1 miles. 13.1! I ran it in 2:12min. I was so proud of myself! Not bad for someone who ‘just showed up’ on race day!


Laura + Me. Friends since ’96. The kind of friend who gets you. Challenges and Cheers for you. And Laura’s mom – Ms. Diana!

I’d love to hear what life lesson stood out the most to you and why. Do share below!




. . . just for fun . . .

They said “stand still Barb, you look like a model” Pffft. 5 minutes later and still no picture to be taken I couldn’t last in that wind!


and those coconut macaroons! Delish.






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