God Pressed The ‘R E S E T’ Button In My Life. Again.

He is strong. He is Faithful, He is loving and kind, steadfast and radiant. That’s who we are created in the image of.

When I focus on Who He is, my insecurities seem to fade away. I have tried to create my own light, my own level of success, my own understanding of who I think He is. But the Truth is that He is all things light. He is all levels of Success. And I will never fully comprehend His magnitude in all things.

Sometimes I feel like God presses the ‘reset’ button for me in my life. My thinking, my plan and my ways. Bringing me back to His simplistic plan for my life. To love Him with all my heart and to love others. He first loved me. From the beginning.

When my head starts to get confused and  over complicated.  When I  feel the most overwhelmed with what the calling on my life is, I feel the reset button. God is not complicated. We over complicate Him. He is not out to get us and confuse us. We do that ourselves.

Back to Basics. The simplistic purpose of being our Savior. I think I look for God to be more complicated and depth. Which He is. But that is not my calling or purpose. My purpose is to come to Him like a child and have faith in Him. To accept His love and then give it away.

Feeling the ‘reset’ button.



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