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Thanks for stopping by!

You can expect a no B.S. attitude. She won’t sugar coat anything but will be loving and compassionate at the same time. The value you’ll get from reading this blog will help you day in and day out.

By being vulnerable. By being honest. It creates an open door for people to really connect with you. People want to know that you are real. Barbara Diane is the real deal. If you haven’t checked out her in depth STORY – CLICK HERE NOW!


Just For Fun!

My Pet Peeves:

1.) Tissue paper that has been overused stuffed into a used gift bag. I’m all for re-using the bag – but put NEW tissue paper in for a fresh look! No one likes droopy tissue paper!

2.) When my husband forgets his wallet when we go out. I love him to itsy bitsy pieces. But ladies. Rarely. And I mean on the most rare and bizarre occasions do we forget our purse when we go out. Am I right? It’s like a CHILD. You just. Don’t. Forget. It. Case closed.

3.) When you go out to eat and order an appetizer, which comes out smoothly and on time. Then 3 1/2 minutes later here comes the entree. Ugh. Does it look like I get to get out much? No. I need to take my time people! (I say this with heart though. I was once I server. I get it.)

4.) Vaugebooking. mmmhhmmm. Ten extra points if you can tell me what I mean ; )

5.) Cups. We have 4 kids. A lot of times the kids will have friends over. Cool no problem. I love having them over. But how in the world do 34 cups end up on my counter??!?!?


A Note from Barb and more fun info . . .

Hey guys! I’m thrilled you’re here—because we’re a lot alike.  We’re both making a life we love a little step at a time.  I’m a mom. A wife and a bunch more things that you might get bored reading. But if you like wine, Jesus, fitness, DIY on just about everything, gardening, dreaming big visions, fashion, interior decorating, cooking, then we’ll be great friends!





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While in high school (GO LHS!) my best friends, who were applying to colleges and accepting athletic scholarships, I was nicknamed ‘Momma Byrd.’ I was busy adding dishes, housewares and yarn for my baby blankets to my hope chest. I knew I would marry this guy, Brad, my best friend since I was 16. Well, we got married and I still hold those dear friends close and love our annual girls weekend trip!





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My loves. These little people have brought the best and worst out of me for sure. They have taught me so much that I might not have learned without their lil’ souls. I am humbled to have the responsibility to raise them into real people. gulp.



 James | Abel | Destiny | Isaac


Principles to live by:

  • I am nothing without knowing who God is IN me. I have tried to be the BEST on my own without giving God glory. I came up empty fisted and pissed and moaned.
  • Work hard without excuses – at everything!
  • Don’t play the victim – most of the time we get ourselves into the crap we complain about.
  • Don’t be afraid to be something great – even if others around you feel less. That is their inner heart issue and not yours.
  • Give it a go. You may feel like you failed but I promise you will learn something.
  • Be humble. Admit when you screw up. It makes it so much easier for everyone around you. Plus. It empties your guilt or shame you may be carrying around with you.


I look forward to meeting you. Let’s be fabulous together!





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