I’m officially 35! These 7 Life Lessons We All Wished We Knew When We Were 25.

It’s my birthday!  I had a quiet morning before the kids got up to take a step back from the crazy. Reflecting on my life and taking the time to enjoy my coffee and my fluffy bathrobe was just the therapy I needed! I feel overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for all that I have and all that I am. To see how much God has worked in my heart and on my life. It’s been painful and overwhelming at times. But His goodness is good and His mercy and grace is so sweet.

Brad and I took the day off to do some shopping and dined for lunch at a cute table for 2 while the kids were in school.

It was  a m a i z i n g and just what the doctor ordered.

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Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about leading up to the big day of officially being mid-thirties. . . .

1.Life comes in seasons. In the brunt of raising my babies, it felt like I would always be scheduling my life around nap times and cleaning up poo that got on my fingers after cleaning up after a diaper explosion. Eew. gross. I know. But all you mommas out there, can I get a mmmhmmm?! Life had an exhaustion factor that the light seemed to be nowhere. But year after year that part of life got a little bit easier and smoother. Just as seasons change effortlessly, life has a funny way of slowly changing and before you know it your outta that stage and into another.


2.Take care of your skin and your body. It’s the only one you will ever have and it has to last you a hopefully really long, long time! Diets and workouts don’t have to be meticulous but do your best. When I eat really well and workout regularly I feel like I’m at my best! Go figure. When I eat crappy and don’t workout it shows. In my attitude and energy levels and just about everything. When I am better to myself it shows and I’m just all around happier. Be good to yourself. You deserve it! Use good skin care. I didn’t have a regular skin regimen until my mid to late 20’s and I wish I would have started even earlier.  Face wash + Toner + Eye Cream + Day and Night Cream = Velvety skin. And of course exfoliate and all that good stuff too!


3.Gratitude towards everything. It’s easy to be grateful when things are right on track and perfectly in line. But when they aren’t that’s when it really counts. When I look back at some really dark times,  like the time we didn’t have enough money to pay our electric bill and it got shut off. It taught me that no matter how bad things got I had a choice to decide how I would react. I am grateful for what those lessons taught me and showed me where I needed to grow and learn. And that no matter what, everything would be okay.


4.Don’t lose yourself. After I had my sweet baby James I completely lose who I was. I din’t know what I liked, what opinions I had or even how to have an intellectual conversation with an adult because I was surrounded by sippy cups and veggie tales. It scared me. I didn’t like feeling invisible and like a nobody. Sounds really weird because I surrounded by lots of energy, but I’m sure some of you can relate.


5.Out of your comfort zone = The best place to be. You’ve probably heard the saying before that nothing good ever happens in your comfort zone. When I find myself out of my comfort zone is where I find I grow the most and become more and more who I am meant to be. It can be scary and the first reaction may be to run from it. Hang on and embrace it and watch how much you learn an grow and the person you become.


6.Quit comparing yourself. Everything looks glamorous in our feeds and it’s easy to compare. I am guilty of this. But people are people. They are just like you and me with fears, insecurities hidden deep and struggles within. If we constantly compare ourselves to other people we completely rob ourselves of seeing the greatness in our lives and what’s around us.  When we realize how much we have to offer and who we were created to be we gain a confidence that can not be explained!


7.Not everyone will agree or understand with your life decisions.  And that’s okay. I used to be sooo worried about what other people thought of me. It was like they were following the right life manual and I had the rough draft copy with red ink. I was trying to figure life out for myself and hoping I would get it right. Ironically, so is everyone else. Everyone is doing the best they can in life. No one wakes up and purposefully says, I think I’ll do my worst, treat people like crap and fail today.’ Everyone is doing the best they can with what they know.





So tell me. What’s one thing you wish you would have known when you were younger?





**Blooper outtakes just for Fun!**

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  • Tracy

    Reply Reply September 15, 2017

    Great list!! I would add:
    Drink lots of water. Your body is like a plant…when it gets dried out…it wrinkles. When it’s watered it’s luscious.
    Make time for your friends and forgive often. It’s harder to make friends the older you get so keep the ones you have near and dear.
    Save & spend wisely. You’ll regret it if you don’t.
    Do everything you can to NOT sell your real estate.One of the best long term investments that can give you a nice income when you retire.
    Take lots of video of your kids. Way better than pictures (although those are good too) and you’ll really enjoy watching them when the kids are older.

    🙂 that’s it for now…ask me in another 10 years. LOL
    Tracy recently posted…How We Travelled To Vancouver For 75% LessMy Profile

    • admin

      Reply Reply September 15, 2017

      LOVE every single one of these tracy!!! Thank you for sharing! <3

  • Diana

    Reply Reply September 17, 2017

    Wonderful list of things to think about. I’m a little farther down the road than you so I would add; As a mom you must always keep your family together. With kids there may be age differences as well as differences with interests, friends and needs. Kids need to be encouraged to always support and be kind to each other. In a season down the road there will be marriages that will challenge the family dynamics and the last thing any mom wants is to see her family splinter away into different lives that can’t come together. Families should always be there for each other and I believe that this is something that needs to be introduced when they are young and taught. As a mother of three grown and married children with seven grand children I can truly say it can be some work to maintain a family bond. Our work is never done. Wishing you Barb, a wondering year ahead with many good stories to tell.

    • admin

      Reply Reply September 17, 2017

      You are so wise Ms. Diana! I love what you shared! You should start a blog ; )I have always admired how you have kept your family at the center of all you do.

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