Sandi Krakowski: First Column Written For

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Sandi Krakowski: First Column Written For


I am truly amazed at the opportunities that have come for my coach Sandi Krakowski. From being a single mom making only 5K PER YEAR. She is now on Forbes top 50 social media guru list as well as making millions and teaching other how to do the same. She is an inspiration that I was hooked as soon as I saw her pink hair.


Here is her article written on faith and the workplace:

I started my first business online with faith being as much a part of my success as a keyboard and Netscape. It was in the ’90s, when Overture was the biggest pay per click platform and AOL reminded me hourly, “You’ve got mail!”

With no clue how to get back into Windows once I accidentally logged out to DOS, asking for help was my normal mode of operation. It still is today. It’s my personal belief that faith stretches me to be more, do more and live more than I ever could alone.


Writing PPC ads in Overture was a blast in the ’90s. The rush of not knowing who was competing with me was nearly addicting. OK, fine. It was addicting and it was the way I built my first business online. A newsletter and PPC ads…and faith. I had believed that I could do this and God would tell me how.

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Many, many years later, millions in profits earned, I’m still bowing my head at my desk asking for help.

“What makes social media sing, God?”

“Show me how to write a headline that will grab their attention.”

“Is there a target market I’m missing? Who am I not seeing?”

These are common questions running through my head as I simultaneously manage the Facebook Ad Manager, the Twitter Ad Platform and a few other link exchanges for some of the large brands I write for, as well as the ads I do for my own company.

You’d think the business world would think I was crazy when I began to teach small and large business owners to do the same. Reminding them of good, old fashioned direct response marketing and psychographics, we’d find target markets no one had ever even considered before and it would convert — sometimes to percentages they had no clue could be their typical ROI. Then I’d pull out the “big guns.” The “golden ticket’ if you will. No matter who they were I’d encourage them to just have faith that they would reach the right people if serving became their focus more than selling, if loving their customer became the path to profits rather than obsessing about ROI. The highest ROI in this generation is relationship, so I’d encourage them to dig deep. Then I’d tell them to have faith.

“Have faith?” Corporate heads and bigwig executives ask me.

“Yes. Just ask for some help. What do you have to lose? Call me a crackpot later if you think I’m a dork but just give it a try,” I’d reply.

And they would.

Ok, just think that one through.

Come on now, let me pull you out of shock, but let’s go there. If you were in dire situations and you needed medical help for a child, loved one, relative or what have you, and all paths to solutions were dead ends, what would you do? Yup. Some of you just said it out loud. You’d do what you rarely do at work but what would seem very commonplace in an ICU at a hospital or on a crashing plane as the front of the jet went down. You would pray. You’d have faith.

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