Simple Strategies Successful People Have figured Out That are EASY To Start Doing Today!



Simple Strategies Successful People Have figured Out That are EASY To Start Doing Today!

Have you ever noticed how some people just do really well with life? Successful people don’t just apply their habits to their money but rather every area of their lives. When we desire life to be a certain way, we will sacrifice what we don’t want in order to gain what we do want. For example, when I was pregnant with my first son I gained a whopping FORTY pounds! The heaviest I have ever been. I was determined to get rid of that extra weight and get back into my jeans. Several people would tell me that I never would. Which just fueled me even more that I could do it! I would prove them wrong. I was willing to sacrifice sleep to go workout. I was willing to sacrifice ice cream after dinner when everyone else was having some. I wanted to lose the weight which meant I would have to change my habits and my way of thinking. Which is harder than I thought. But I realized I was creating new habits.

I started to see areas in my life that I wanted to change. I was willing to create new habits and discipline myself in order to reach a goal that I set. From paying off multiple thousands of dollars of debt, vamping up our bank account and getting my anxiety in order just to name a few of the habits I changed.

Here are some of my favorite habits of successful people:

  • Accept responsibilities for their failures – This one was so tough for me. When my husband and I found ourselves in financial devastation it was painful to accept it. But we did. We drastically made changes and sacrifices to get to where we wanted to be again financially.
  • Have a sense of gratitude – I have found that when we are grateful for what we do have in our lives, it ultimately unlocks the blessings of what we want in our lives. When we can be truly satisfied and thankful for what we already have in our present day, many more things will come to us. When we can be faithful with the little things, we will be made ruler over much. It is a principle of success.
  • Continuously learn – In order to increase our value in life and the marketplace we must increase our skill. The only way to increase your skill is to be learning new things. When I started learning about internet marketing and branding and blogging I was totally green. I knew nothing. But I saw other people with these great websites and products and knew I could do it too. So I learned how to! Whatever you want to learn or do you just have to make up your mind and do it.
  • Embrace change –  I have been through some crazy changes in my life. I hated change of anything. But with finding the strength to get through those things in my Heavenly Father I know that He is with me and was with me through it all. Learning to embrace the changes that will indefinitely occur in life is…well…part of life. The more we learn to go with the ebb and flow of life, the more resilient we become.

Here are some of my least favorite habits:

  • Think they know it all – This was me big time. When we moved into the most house we could afford at $435K I thought we knew the answers to life. I thought we had ‘made it’ Little did we know 2 years later would be the most darkest times in our life. They were painful. I truly believe that because of pride and ego we had some serious lessons to learn. And we learned them. The hard way.
  • Blame others for their mistakes – It’s definitely easier to blame other people than look at ourselves and take responsibility to our part of the situation. Usually it’s the last place we look to identify the problem is within ourselves. Successful people will start looking within first and determine what their part is contributing to the situation, relationship, etc.
  • Have a sense of entitlement – This one is very sneaky! It’s not like people walk around saying ‘GIMME!’ but the quiet attitude of I don’t want to work as hard/put as much time in, etc. is what screams I am entitled to this just because I think so.
  • Don’t know what they want to be – People who lack vision for their life lead a very lowly life. But the people who set a vision and go after it are essentially happier and more fulfilled. I lacked vision in my life. I had no idea who I was going to be until my late twenties. And the more I pursued my vision the happier and more content I became.

I talk in depth about all of these habits in my new book called ‘Why Your Life Sucks’ It is chalk full of sharing my mistakes and failures that landed me on my face to roaring victories that have brought me to where I am today. I would love for you to read it and tell me your thoughts about it. You can find it in the product tab above.

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