Super Simple Action Steps To Be Smarter With Your Cash

Super Simple Action Steps To Be Smarter With Your Cash Identify the NEEDS – This might be hard. But really look at where your money is going. If it is an absolute then keep it, if you aren’t sure, consider what life would be like without it.

Discipline yourself – nobody cares more than you do about your bank account. The next time you are in a store and have something in your hands that you have to have, get disciplined on telling yourself no. After a while you will feel empowered that you are so strong and that you are sowing seeds that will be multiplied later.

Cut the junk  – Go through what you are spending money on each day. Coffee shops, eating out, gym memberships, alcohol, cell phone contracts, internet, cable. This will hurt. But what would you rather have, money in the bank or stiff pressures of debt?

Get out of debt – do you have a get out of debt plan? You must start some where. Remember when I said that we had creditors knocking on our door? We had to start to pay them. Some of those accounts we started with $10. That was all we had and it showed that we were trying to payback our debts.

✓ Even if you think you don’t have the money, you actually do, it’s just being spent on other less important things.

✓ This one is the most important! Look at your credit card statements. Look at how much you are being charged just for the luxury of borrowing the banks money. That will wake you up! Look at the interest, the interest rate and the fees. That $19.99 sale is now jacked up to over $50 by the time you pay it off.

✓ As you can tell I am uber passionate about finances because until you are financially free, you aren’t REALLY free. God’s voice through me is to set people free in the natural. He already set you free in the spiritual but it’s up to us to not make dumb ass choices. Can I get an Amen?

Automatically save  – did you know 28% of people don’t have any savings? Set up an automatic savings plan. Even if it is only 5$ DO IT. Increase it later when you can. Along with paying off your debts you must have $$ in the bank for the bumps in the road that you will have.

Downgrade – In a world full of upsells, upgrades, bigger and better.   Think about what you could downgrade in. Think your car(s), house, cell phone (do you REALLY need a smartphone? ) Take the money you keep from those other expenses you canceled and pay off debt or put it into savings.  78% of people are living paycheck to paycheck.

✓ Make a list of all your credit card and loan balances. Start with your lowest balance and pay it off as quickly as you can. You will feel so empower that you have taken a stand on your debt and been control over it instead of under it. Once that is paid off, start on the next highest balance. Follow this system until you are debt free.

✓ You will soon realize that you can actually be debt free, you just didn’t realize it because you didn’t have a plan.

✓ Your money is meant to be seed for you to sow. When you sow seeds of discipline and faith with your finances – you will be entrusted with more. Money is meant to work for you.

✓ 98% of 65 year olds are either dead or dead broke. I know people in their 50’s, 60’s and even 80’s who are still chasing dollars. Do you think that is how God intended our lives to look like?


We have to get smart about our finances! It dictates EVERYTHING we do, who we can help and how we live. There is a reason that wealth is mentioned over 250 times in the Bible. He teaches principles on how to acquire it and keep it. But we have to be willing, teachable and disciplined to obey. Acquiring financial freedom is a skill. It is something that is learned. You would think that we would be financially free when we were making over 100K a year. Investing some, saving some, etc. But we were still living paycheck to paycheck. It does not matter how much you make, what matters is how much you keep.

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