Screenshot 2014-06-03 09.51.12“Barbara’s book is not only motivating and inspiring, it it full of faith and feeling! She makes the reader feel as though they are there with her through her incredible journey and also that you are not alone in yours. This book is perfect for people that feel that they are stuck  in ” limbo” or a ” standstill” in their personal or business  life. She has amazing and attainable advice  that anyone can relate too. Reading this book opened my heart and my mind. I am sure it will do the same for the next reader!”

Kelly Ferguson, North Carolina


Screenshot 2014-05-29 12.56.58“Rarely do you find someone who is willing to open themselves up by exposing the highs and lows of his or her life.  Barbara was able to find peace and happiness despite the trials that she has faced.  She takes a practical approach with affirming quotes and action steps that can easily be implemented by anyone.  This was a thoroughly enjoyable read which I found identifiable and at points brought a tear to my eye.”

– Ross Wilson,  Scotland


Screenshot 2014-05-29 13.01.27“Why Your Life Sucks is like a manual for living a great life…one filled with love, happiness and success. Barbara’s life stories will touch you at the core. Her openness is brave and her persistence is admirable. Follow her action steps and your life will not suck anymore! At times I felt like crying and by the next chapter I was yelling “Way to go!” Yet through the storytelling, I found so many comparisons to my own emotional challenges. Not only does Barb point out what was wrong with her life, but she gives actionable steps to going from a life that sucks to a life that’s filled with love, happiness and success.”

Tracy Matthewman, Canada –


Screenshot 2014-05-29 13.05.20“The minute I started to read WYLS I knew that it was truly written from the heart. Barbara creates a bond with you and gently kicks that amazing butt of yours into action; she lays out some simple yet deep digging “to-do’s” required in order for you to take control in creating the life that you want and deserve!  Thank you Barbara!”

Nicole Raza, Canada –


Screenshot 2014-05-29 13.28.03

Why Your Life Sucks is a gem, as is Barbara Diane! She desires nothing more than to bring you to the point of realizing your dreams, while removing the fear so that you can pursue them passionately. She is firm yet compassionate. She holds nothing back and uses her own vulnerable, powerful life experiences, and gives you action steps to put into motion what you have learned. Read this book if you are seeking clarity and are serious about making that change to propel your life forward in a powerful way.”

-Amber Duncan, Washington


Stacey1When I met Barb I knew immediately she had something special to share with the world.  She is a strong woman who has taken her struggles in life and turned them into blessings.  Through this book she is giving a step by step guide to living your best life.  It is a beautiful miracle when a person can be humble enough to share their stumbling blocks in life with the world in order to make life a little better for those willing to put the work in.  Barb shows you, the reader exactly how to live your own best life not only through her life stories but by getting you to look inward and evaluate why your life “sucks.”

I am a better person for reading this book.  I am an even better person for having this woman in my life as my kindred spirit.  And within these pages, you too will be able to connect with the author, my friend,Barb.  I pray, within these pages you will learn to better understand yourself, your purpose and through the exercises provided, make your way toward your own best life.  It all starts with here.  Enjoy the journey.

Blessings. Stacey Brown –

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