7 Simple Tips To Be Happy With Who You Are

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7 Simple Tips To Be Happy With Who You Are

1. Approval of Others – this is HUGE! when we act in certain ways that will get the approval of others, we miss out on who we really are. The truth is, when we step into our calling, there will be people who do not approve. Trust me. When your life looks different from the majority people get a little weird. The only one you need to be consumed with approval is your Creator. Everyone else is also trying to figure out life and how to live the best they can. Next time you say to yourself ‘oh but what will so and so think/say/do’, just remember that someone is thinking that about you. See how silly it is? We all want people to approve of us and think ‘wow! they are doing a great job at life!’ But just remember who’s approval really matters.


2. The Perfect Life/Body/Spouse/Kids/House – Ever wish for the perfect everything? I used to be so consumed with ‘getting there.’ I was constantly thinking of the next thing to happen or to get. I am a do-et and this haunted me like the plague! I finally got to the point when things would come and go I’d say ‘wait a minute! I thought this was supposed to be the thing that made me the happiest or complete. Pfffft. It just isn’t reality my friend. There will always be something bigger and better. We must be content with where we are, who our spouse is, where we live, etc. to find the ultimate peace and happiness which comes from within.

3. Wishing For Greatness to Fall in Your Lap – I totally thought that someone who had it all would find me and see what a stellar person I was and promote me to some high paying incredible job that I skipped into work everyday. That just doesn’t happen. like EVER. People get promoted and greatness comes to those who are diligent and faithful with what they have. If you want to man/woman of your dreams, be content with being alone. If you want a promotion, be the best worker at your job. your boss will notice. If you want to be debt free and have thousands in the bank, little by little pay off your debt. It will snowball into huge amounts being paid off. Same with your bank account. Save little by little for it to grow into a big amount. Sounds cliche but everything that is great and with purpose starts somewhere.

4. Excuses  – Ugh! I know they are always a problem. We set excuses for everything. You might have even said ‘Yeah, but Barbara, my debt is so high that I’ll never be able to pay it off in this lifetime’ mmmmhhhmm. Case and point. If you want something bad enough you will do it. no questions. When you find your self making an excuse think about the hard reality that you don’t really want it. ‘Oh but yes I do!’  then get that thaaaang done : )

5. Comparing – When we compare our life, situations, spouse, bank account and everything else we can, we literally rob ourselves of seeing what we do have. When we wish we had something of someone else’s. Some one is wishing they had what you have. Comparing is also a form of complaining to God that what we have isn’t good enough. Be grateful for each day and everything that you have. Count your blessings and they will multiply.

6. Dependance on Others – We must learn to be completely content and happy just by being ourselves. I used to get anxiety when I wasn’t with my husband or my kids or holding the diaper bag. I was married and had kids so young that I was so uncomfortable with who I was. I didn’t know who I was. When I recognized this problem in me I knew it had to be straightened out. People will disappoint at some time or another in our life. They just will. When we are perfectly content with who we are and get our worth and love from our Heavenly Father, nothing else matters.

7. Need For control – Sometimes we need to just let life happen. I am such a planner and a do-et that I even drive myself crazy! There is so much more that is out of our control than what it. As hard as it may be, learn to just let life happen. Enjoy and embrace the unknown. You never know where that could take you . . .

with love,


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