Top 6 Principles to Live by to Increase your success and happiness!

Top 6 Principles to Live by to Increase your success and happiness!

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6. Give it a go. You can live life in fear or you can choose to not let fear overcome you. For years I realized how much I was actually living in fear without even knowing it. Fear of failing. Fear of being forgotten. Fear of not having enough. Fear of what people thought of me. The list goes on. Over time I realized that I only get ONE shot at life. And so does everyone else. I don’t want regrets. I don’t want opportunities to pass me by, knowing I should have taken them. Even if I’m afraid, I want to do it anyways. A business mentor once told me, “Do it afraid.” It’s okay to be afraid. You’re human, just like me. But we’ve got to not allow things that make us fearful have power over us. So do it afraid and the fear will fall away. It just does naturally as you say no to it.

5. Don’t Be afraid to be something great. We all have superpowers. Okay. That’s really just a hyped up way to say we area all uniquely talented and have bright gifts to shine in the world. Sometimes when we grow into our greatness, others around us feel intimidated. It feels yucky. Real yucky.That is their inner heart issue and not yours. It’s like you get this burst of insight on who you are becoming so you end up acting inline with your greatness. If other people are seeing this, it can make them feel less than. Especially if they are struggling to see the greatness within themselves. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do other than help them to see how great they were created to be. It’s like the saying goes, “First they mock you, then they ask for advice.” It’s better to be walking in your greatness to help those people who need your gift than to please those who are wanting you to step down.

4. Work hard without excuses – at everything! No matter what space in life you are at – do it with EXCELLENCE! I remember hearing that when all I did was clean the house, cook, change diapers, laundry and then rinsed and repeat. All day everyday for about 10 years while raising my babies. I was working for The Creator of Excellence, not for anyone else. I knew what I was doing mattered to Him. Because my life mattered to Him. As I began to work with excellence in all that I did, new opportunities came my way. Doors were opened that I never knew existed. God sees you. He sees where your at. He sees where you want to be and where you need to end up. He will get you there. Work with diligence and excellence and He will promote you! It’s true. I have been promoted from a good job, to a better job, to the best job yet!!

3. Don’t play the victim. I have definitely fallen into victim mentality when my circumstance just outright suck. Ha! That’s why I wrote a book about it. For real.  ( Click here to order your copy of Why Your Life Sucks ) I blamed, I shamed and I didn’t take responsibility for my part in the situation. It’s paralyzing to get out of a situation if we don’t take responsibility for it. We blame our spouse, we blame our kids, the government, the environment, the economy, we blame God. The list goes on. The only person who we have control over is ourselves and we are the only ones that get to change it for good or bad. The choice is ours. Most of the time we get ourselves into the crap we complain about. We make bad choices and then cry when we have to reap the consequences. It’s the hard truth. But it’s true. I know it well.

2. Be humble. Be humble. Be humble. Be humble. humility goes such a long way! When someone says “I screwed up, I didn’t handle the situation the best way.” Wow! it’s honestly refreshing! Being able to admit fault is such a strength and admiration I notice in others. Because it’s easy to a strong person to admit when they are wrong. But it’s so very difficult for a weak person.

1.I am nothing without knowing who God is IN me. I am learning everyday of who I am. I can’t become who I want to be and who I am designed to be without God and His guidance. I have tried to do life my own way, in my head and my heart. And I have found that I am truly happiest when I ask God to help me, when I worship Him and honor Him with who I am.






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