I Couldn’t Wait To Get Here. . . .

Snotty noses, barf running down the back of my shirt that I didn’t notice until I got home, tantrums, diapers and more diapers and just pure mental exhaustion of taking care of three babies under the age of five.


I couldn’t wait to get to the ‘get yourself dressed’ stage and successful potty trained little people. I wanted to get to ‘that place’ where I could take the kids to the park and not have to pack like we were leaving for the weekend. Oh. I couldn’t wait.


Once I got to that stage of life, I couldn’t wait to get to ‘that place’ of juggling sports practices and games. That would be so fun! And so much more enjoyable because I wouldn’t be so tired all the time.


I am at ‘that place’ now. When I catch myself wishing for the next stage of life I give myself a mental spanking. Our oldest is 13 and going into 8th grade. We’re over half way done of raising him to a full adult. He’s going to be driving soon, making his own plans and creating his own life. Sigh. But that’s how this game of raising kids goes. We raise them to be people and well balance adults and I hope and pray that they will live healthy and fulfilling lives on their own.


When my kids were itsy bitsy, people would always tell me ‘it goes by so fast! Enjoy them now!’ Pfffft. I’d mentally role my eyeballs to the back of my head. Yeah, cuz that’s exactly what I’m thinking when I’m up at 2am feeding and changing diapers while YOU’RE ¬†ASLEEP!




Now I’m the one telling myself it goes so fast Barb, go play that game with them. There will only be so many opportunities that my kids will ask me to play with them or take them places. Barb, it goes by so fast, go do it with them.





The day will come that I long to be with my babies and they will be busy with their schedules, friends and jobs. It goes by so fast. it really does. The older they get the faster it seems to go.


If you’re reading this and thinking ‘oh my goodness this is me!’ Then here are some action steps and things that I try my best to do so I can savor those ‘precious moments’



} Mentally take pictures of those moments when your baby finds your eyes and feels comforted just by the sight of you.


} Celebrate that moment when your toddler really catches onto something for the first time.


} When you hear ‘LOOK MOM!’ give them full attention and honor them by your full responsiveness.


} If your older kid is telling you a story, listen. I know sometimes this is so draining. Especially if they need to give you EVERY. SINGLE. LAST. detail. But their emotional cup is being filled up just by you lending your ear.


Remember, you are an incredible mom! You are doing your absolute best in raising those little people. It’s the toughest job I’ve ever done for sure! Even on your worst day, your kid (s) know you love them deep down.

Keep on keeping’ on.

It’s just what you do.


I’d love to hear from you. How have you been able to find those joyful moments in the midst of the chaos? Share with us below in the comments section.





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