www.bodyrock.tv REVIEW – Total Bust or Diamond in The Rough?


www.bodyrock.tv REVIEW – Total Bust or Diamond in The Rough?

There are so many workouts, protein shakes and ‘magic pills’ out there especially online. Everyone is pitching something that is the latest and greatest. When I stopped going to my gym I needed to find something that I could do from home that would really push me. If it were up to me I’d stop when I get bored or tired. LOL. Hello! Total ironicalness of working out. If it doesn’t challenge and push you it doesn’t change you. Anyways, I wanted to find something that wouldn’t be boring and that would get me the results that I knew I could get.

After searching and searching I stumbled on this site called www.bodyrock.tv I was hooked! It was exactly what I was looking for. It has something for everyone and everyBODY. IF you are just starting out or was a gym rat like me you will love it! There is a 30 day challenge that I absolutely love. I will post my favorite workout below so you can check it out.

I am all about saving money and keeping’ it in the bank. So cutting out the gas and membership meant more in my account. (To find more tips on saving a boatload of money and vamping up your bank account, checkout the ‘work with me’ tab above)

This might be a silly reason on why I like working out at home but I can workout in whatever. Sports Bra only, sure! Mis-matched outfit, you bet! I used to plan my cute workout outfits and probably spent too much on making sure I didn’t look like a rat at the gym.

Anyways, here are a few tips for working out:

+If you are a beginner, you are so brave. Just start moving, you will progress as you get more energy and comfortable with your new routine.

+Fight the urge to make excuses. You will want to and that’s normal. Think about your goal that you are trying to reach in the first place. Let that be your motivation.

+ You will be sore, it’s okay. You will be fine.

+ Mix up your workouts between weights and carrion. Please do not run 5 miles a day. You need to tone your muscles to stay tight and running alone won’t do that.

+Remember, YOU are worth it my friend.


Here is one a my faves!


www.bodyrock.tv REVIEW – Total Bust or Diamond in The Rough?


You be the judge . . .

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have you tried these workouts before?

Until we chat again friend,





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