You Matter MOST To The Only One Who Matters.

You Matter MOST To The One Who Only Matters.



Ever feel like you are just a sucky person? Failing in different areas of your life and can’t get things figured out like you’d hope to. I can so relate. I have found myself in certain times of my life that I wind up saying to myself  ‘What am I doing?’ ‘Where am I going?’ when I come up empty handed and feel like a failure. I force myself, yes I really mean force because it doesn’t always come natural,  to think of the one I matter most to.

The One. The Creator. The Knower of everything : ) who adores you and me to the ends of the earth and willing to take our place of death. I know it’s really easy to forget how much we matter to the king of kings, but we do. He knows our desires, our struggles and weaknesses and he if for us and not coming against us. I forget that He is my helper and comforter. He is the one who watches over me when I don’t know where I am going.

 . . . 

He loves and adores you. There isn’t anything that is too messed up for him to see you through. Lately I have been doing this small exercise that has been transformational to me. I’ll walk you through the process below.

1. Take ALL your worries, goals, burdens and dreams and picture them in your hand.

:: For instance, I picture my future as a star, my family as stick figures, my business as a laptop, my home, etc::

2. Take all those things that you are carrying everyday and lift them up to God.

3. THIS IS IMPORTANT:: It is one thing to just show God these things like ‘ see what I’m carrying and working on and stressin’ over?’ But it is a completely different action to turn your hand over and GIVE over these things to God. This is complete surrender.  Picture His big, mighty and strong hands carefully catching ever single thing and taking the utmost care of them.

This is symbolic of giving God the things that we have control and things we have no control over. Sometimes we go through things that we don’t understand and may never fully understand why they are happening. I don’t know why these things happen. All I know is that God is Good and He’s good all the time. Even when we don’t believe it.  There are some days when I think he’s out to get me! I think that probably make him laugh.

I hope this post has encouraged you – and if it has please share it with your community be the one who encourages someone today.

Also, I would love to know your experience about letting things go and surrendering them. Leave a comment below.

Until next time friend,





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